DAR Presentation of the Community Service Award 2016 to TVHS on 24-September

Below is the presentation made by DAR Regent Virginia Lee on 24-September:

Community Service Award 2016

Tidewater Virginia Historical Society

Successor to the 125 year old Colonial Capitol Branch of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) Tidewater Virginia Historical Society (TVHS) was formed to promote and advocate for the Tidewater region’s unique history.

A group of long-time volunteers of the APVA under the leadership of the current president, Joseph Burkart, took matters into their own hands when the APVA was disbanded. To lose a group with such a solid footing in the Tidewater region’s historic scenario, would be a loss to future generations. It was 7 individuals, plus President Burkart, that drove the Society into its current structure with goals, mission and partnerships with other historic sites. Keeping the historic value of the area in the forefront, TVHS has expanded into new realms to showcase history primarily due to their efforts.

Will the following individuals please come forward?

President Burkart, Carol Harrison, Lee Edgerton, Forest Morgan, Ben Arney, Connie Granger, Jeannie Takesian and Fritz Mueller (deceased).

On behalf of the 298 members of the Williamsburg Chapter, we are honored to bestow this prestigious Community Service Award to you for your dedication to our community and for preserving history.


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