Isle of Wight and Surry Counties Bus Trip

You are invited to join TVHS on a new bus trip scheduled for Tuesday, May 24 visiting historic Isle of Wight and Surry Counties.  A visit to St. Luke’s Church and Bacon’s Castle, the Isle of Wight County Museum, and an outdoor lunch at historic Smithfield Inn will be part of the tour.

After departing Target Monticello at 8:30 am, the trip will begin with a look at the Isle of Wight’s 400 years of culture and history with a visit to St. Luke’s Church. Built between 1632 and 1682, the church is one of the finest examples of early 17th century architecture.  Our visit will afford the opportunity for a thorough inspection of the church and its rich heritage.
Second stop is to Isle of Wight County Museum which houses a fascinating pictorial history of the County with special emphasis on the peanut and pork and their continuing role in the area’s economy.
Next, a special outdoor lunch of local cuisine in the garden of the historic Smithfield Inn which dates back to 1752.
After lunch, we will visit Bacon’s Castle, the oldest brick dwelling in the United States, and site of the oldest formal gardens in North America.  Nathaniel Bacon occupied the building during his infamous rebellion of 1676.
The final stop will be a tour of Smith’s Fort Plantation, nestled on the south side of the James River, located on the site of Captain Smith’s planned “New Fort,” and on the land given by Chief Powhatan as a dowry for his daughter Pocahontas upon her marriage to John Rolfe.  The 18th century manor house retains much of its original woodwork and provides examples of early Early American and English period furnishings from the late 16th through early 18th centuries.
Cost is $65 including transportation, ferry, and lunch
Meet at Target Monticello at 8:15 am
Returns late afternoon
For reservations, send check to:
TVHS, PO Box 427, Williamsburg, VA 23187
or email Joe Burkart at 
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