Preservation Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula


The Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula of Virginia is the heartland of historical Virginia, home to Virginia’s first settlements and where many of the nation’s greatest men and most prominent families had their origins.  It is the birthplace, for example, of George Washington, James Madison, and James Monroe; Robert E. Lee was also born there at Stratford Hall, the original home of the great Lee family. 

These well-known names, however, represent only a fraction of what the area has to offer.  The region contains a rich diversity of seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth century houses and sites, along with an exceptional wealth of historic records, events, and individual and family stories.

Preservation Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula is a non-profit membership organization formed to share, enjoy, and learn, and to preserve and protect this important heritage.  We sponsor a program of grants and projects in the region as well as fun and interesting events for members.  Our membership currently includes over 100 history and preservation buffs from Virginia and beyond  — you’re welcome to join us!


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