Message from the President:
As TVHS began 2020, our programs and tours were planned by Sharon Short,
Program Director. It wasn’t long before our country and the world were caught
up in the pandemic. Our April lecture on the Underground Railroad with the
speaker, Sheila Arnold, has been moved to 2021. You will learn more as we move
along into the New Year. An article in the Daily Press entitled “Draw Strength
from History” pointed to the unimaginable hardships the settlers endured in the
new world. We should draw strength from our history demonstrated by the
courageous men and women who built a new life in a strange and foreign land we
know as Jamestown. I want to thank the Board members. You can visit our
website,, recently updated by Ben Arney, Website Director.
Our wish for you each day….please be safe and stay well.”

Ruth Baur

Message from the Program Director:
We want to provide you, as a member of TVHS, with an update as we peek
through the panes of “future” possibilities. Together we will continue to offer
programs in line with our mission. In October we will offer a MEMBERS ONLY event, an intriguing opportunity to attend an online lecture presented by the
expert John Delano, Ph.D. Geology. The topic will be “Williamsburg Palisades
1634 & 1646.” Join us and have the questions answered: What are Palisades and
where were they located in Williamsburg?
Dr. Delano will address new research on the location of palisades constructed by
English colonists. John’s research has recently been accepted for publication in
the peer-review professional journal, Historical Archaeology. The research relied
on prior archaeological publications, 17th-century land surveys, and a new source
of data. John will describe the locations and purposes of the palisades, as well as
the circumstances and incentives that led to their rapid construction. With the
exception of some historical archaeologists and historians, these palisades are a
little-known aspect of 17th century Virginia.

Save the Date

John Delano, “Williamsburg Palisades”
Tune in October 18, 2020 at 2:00 pm

TVHS is providing this presentation via ZOOM. If you are a current TVHS member
RSVP to our program director Upon receiving the RSVP
you will be e-mailed a link to log on to ZOOM for the presentation.
Watch for future TVHS announcements regarding historic lectures.

The Underground Railroad program has been rescheduled to 2021.
Depending on the spring guidelines for COVID-19. We hope to offer a Private Tour
(Bus Trip) to the Southside with Carl Lounsbury. Stay Tuned!

Sharon Short

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