TVHS’ Spring Lecture Series Continues on Sunday, March 12

TVHS’ Spring Lecture Series Continues

with Historic Lancaster County

Talk and Trip

Sunday, March 12 and Wednesday, April 5

TVHS continues its preview talk and trip format with a lecture on historic Lancaster County at 3p.m., Sunday March 12 at the Jamestown Settlement. The talk will serve as an insightful preview into the sites that will be explored, first-hand, in the upcoming  April trip.
In the March 12 talk, Karen Hart, Executive Director

Mary Ball Washington Museum

The Old Jail at the museum
of Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library, will give an overview of the history of several sites in upper Lancaster County.
Karen has been the Executive Director of the library since 2008.  She grew up in Prince George County, VA, and attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg. She has spent 20 years working in museum management, historic preservation, and heritage tourism.  Karen is also the current chairman of the Northern Neck Tourism Commission where she served for several years.   
The bus trip on Wednesday, April 5, heads to Lancaster County just over the Rappahannock River.  It will include a number of historic sites in the county, founded in 1651. The trip will start at the Mary Ball Washington Museum in historic Lancaster Courthouse with tours of the Lancaster House, the Old Clerk’s Office, the Old Court House Site, the Old Jail, and the court House Green.

Gorgeous labyrinth and graveyard at St. Mary’s Whitechapel

The tour will visit beautiful, waterfront area of Morattico
From there, the trip will continue on to St. Mary’s White Chapel, to the Downman House in Belle Isle State Park which is not open to the public, and ends with a visit to the lovely area of Morattico and the Morattico Waterfront Museum.   
Trip Details
Wednesday, April 5
Departs 8:30 am from Target, Marquis Shopping Center
Includes lunch served at the 1669 St. Mary’s White Chapel parish hall
Cost $60
Send checks to
TVHS, PO Box 427, Williamsburg, VA 23187
For information call Jane Medlin at 757.258.5587
or email    
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