TVHS Programs update

Dear TVHS Members:

We really miss seeing everyone and are hoping you are well and staying safe.

Your continued support and participation is always critical to the success of the Tidewater Virginia Historical Society (TVHS). Today we want to provide a brief status on TVHS Programs.

Strong, positive feedback was received from several members who attended the TVHS February 20th event, “A Journey to the New World”.  The snow added sparkle to the ambiance and spirit of the attendees.  At our next lecture we will share the evening memories with pictures of our Blessing, Singing, Dancing, Laughing, and partaking of the 17-18th C refreshments.

Work has slowly continued these last few months on potential TVHS programs and historic sites to visit.  A couple of local sites are being considered once it seems feasible and within the allowed “returning to the new normal”.  We are always open for input from our Members for program suggestions.

On October 18, 2020 the TVHS Program will be on the Williamsburg Palisades of 1636 & 1646 by John Dalano  A confirmation and announcement to Members will be made late Summer along with specific location/time. 

The program for the Underground Railroad with Shelia Arnold is rescheduled for Spring 2021.

The Southside bus trip with Carl Lounsbury has been rescheduled for April 2021. 

Thank you again, your active participation is meaningful to the TVHS Board.  Each Member offers a critical role in helping the TVHS achieve our mission:

To promote and advocate the Tidewater region’s unique history through the following:

•       Education

•       Archaeology preservation

•       Partnerships with other complimentary organizations

Now, details on “Drain the Ocean” shown on the National Geographic Channel, June 2 at 9pm.

TVHS hosted Dr. John Broadwater (JRS Explorations VP and Chief Archaeologist) in October 2018 for an extraordinary lecture on the Discovery and Recovery of the USS Monitor.  The lecture follow-up was held at the Mariner’s Museum with an exceptional private tour by Dr. Broadwater.  He clearly articulated the history of the USS Monitor and the Recovery, including viewing actual pieces of the USS Monitor.

An excerpt from the  

“In 2019, a film crew from National Geographic flew from London to Virginia to document a recently discovered Revolutionary War shipwreck in the mud of the York River.  The ship was discovered by JRS Explorations in June 2019 and evidence of charred wood and cannons indicated the vessel might be a troop transport ship known as “Shipwright”. 

“In the episode, the York River will be “drained” using computer generated image technology to show exactly what is beneath the water’s surface.”

Sharon Short
TVHS Program Director

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